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Limited access to resources

Availability of necessary research resources, such as databases, upcoming conferences, or literature, might be limited for students in certain fields or institutions. Hard to manage time in accordance to find the right set of information

Mentorship and guidance

Finding the most suitable mentor or advisor who can provide proper guidance and support throughout the research process is very much crucial for a student to start research. Students might face challenges in finding the right mentor

Limited experience and career uncertainty

Pursuing a research career with a lack of prior research experience may lead to uncertainty in terms of job prospects and financial stability.  Many research positions or projects require candidates with a background in research, making it particularly challenging for students who are just starting their journey in the field

Funding constraints

Securing funding for research projects can be difficult, especially for students. Limited financial resources and connections might hinder the ability to conduct extensive research or attend conferences and workshops

Publishing and peer review

Getting research published in reputable journals can be difficult, especially for students. The peer review process can be rigorous, and rejection rates are high, making it even difficult

Solution We Give

Research and Analytics

More accessible and affordable ways to knowledge
  • The preliminary stages of research,
  • Gathering and analyzing pre-existing data
  • Finalize the title plus objective and endpoints of the study
  • Time management.
To eliminate all hurdles, we have designed Research and Analytics tool


A research driven eco-system
  • Build connections
  • Find thought leaders
  • Groups and teams
  • Career Directions and Opportunities
  • Collaborations and funds
  • Research assistance and guidance
To streamline your research networking process and build a scientific research community, we precisely crafted Connect platform, for open communications.

JNL (Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences)

Get your difficult part of the research done
  • Publication and Editorial Support
  • Writing Assistance
  • Open access to publications
  • Set of policies and guidelines
  • Least rejection chances
With every publication, add feathers to your research cap with Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences

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