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Time Constraints

Often busy schedules, patient care, and many other responsibilities don’t allow for significant time and effort to be spent on clinical research duties. Due to this, the study either delays or never reaches a conclusive end

Staying updated with the trends

There is a constant rise in new medical advancements and innovations. But keeping up with those trends can be demanding for busy medical practitioners

Data management and analysis

Handling and analyzing large amounts of data can be stressful, especially for practitioners who lack expert research support. To develop relevant results and publish valuable papers, accurate data analysis is fundamental

Balancing clinical and research responsibilities

It’s difficult and challenging to balance the clinical duties alongside the research activities. They always have to prioritize their duty of patient care which leads to delay in the research engagements and impacting the outcomes

Publication process in high impact journal

The process of publication is lengthy and uncertain as it takes multiple revisions before reaching to the final acceptance stage. This is stated to be one of the biggest reasons of delay in research action as doctors don’t have enough time to complete the process

Collaboration and Networking

Collaboration and multicenter connections are always demanded in research. It always seeks open discussion and communication, which may be challenging for medical practitioners to maintain with such a hectic schedule

Solution We Give

Research and Analytics

What’s new in scientific society? Well, Everything
  • Articles on drugs and diseases
  • Custom Comparative analytics
  • Find trial sites, collaborators and other useful insights
  • Time effective, smooth primary research
  • Set alters to keep-up with the healthcare trends
  • Get to know about the conferences
Despite of all the hustles in clinical duties, manage you research activities like a pro with our Research and Analytics tool


We strive to connect the world of science as a community
  • Talk to like-minded people
  • Find funding and grant sources or references
  • Increase visibility and grab the best opportunity
  • Hire the talented work force
  • Be a though leader and guide the right talent
Build and expand your professional network by join in to Connect platform of QuantiNova

Study Tool

Bridge gaps in the novel medicine development through personalized research studies
  • Digitize the paperback information
  • Manage and monitor multicenter study
  • Create customized dynamic CRFs
  • Monitor, validate and audit log compliant with 21 CFR
  • Invite contributors and collaborators on your study
  • Templates initiate study
We are building a new route for a sure success, let the study start with our digitize Observational Study tool


Contribute and collaborate on the forefront of medical knowledge by publishing your paper
  • Publication assistance and guidance
  • Editorial Support
  • High impact peer review Journal
  • Writing Assistance
  • Least rejection Chances
Assistance and acceptance can be possible all together with the Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences

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