Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences

JNL (Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences)

1-Increase your chances of a successful publication

2-Step-by-step publishing assistance and guidance through peer reviews and editorial support  

3-Bridge gaps in new drug development

4-Create your research footprints

Research Publication

Publication assistance and support

1-Tool enabling publication guidelines, as well as support and guidance

2-Join as a reviewer or editor for the research work

3-Submission as per instruction and peer reviewed feedback

The journal welcomes manuscript submissions from academicians, scholars, and practitioners from all over the world affiliated with “QuantiNova,” an application that answers all research-related problems

1-QuantiNova allows you to collaborate with an international community of practitioners and researchers working on various subject areas

2-It allows for designing observational studies with different input fields where physicians can save patients’ data with a privacy option

Simple Steps

We are committed to advancing scientific research and knowledge dissemination. Our journal allows scientists, researchers, and academics to share their groundbreaking findings and contribute to the global scientific community. With a rigorous peer-review process and a focus on quality and innovation, we strive to publish high-impact research across various scientific disciplines

Peer-Reviewed Excellence

Our journal follows a strict peer-review process, ensuring that all published articles undergo thorough evaluation by experts in their respective fields. This rigorous assessment maintains the quality and credibility of the research we publish

Multidisciplinary Coverage

We welcome submissions from a wide range of scientific disciplines, including but not limited to physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, environmental science, and social sciences. We aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and encourage research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries

Open Access Publication

We believe in the power of open-access publishing to accelerate scientific progress and make research accessible to a global audience. As an open-access journal, all articles are freely available to read, download, and share, promoting the widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge

Editorial Support for Rapid Publication

We understand the importance of timely dissemination of research findings. Our efficient editorial and production processes ensure a swift turnaround time, allowing authors to share their work with the scientific community on time

Author Support

We value the contributions of researchers and strive to provide comprehensive support throughout the publication process. Our dedicated editorial team offers guidance on manuscript preparation, formatting, and adherence to publication standards, ensuring a smooth submission experience

Global Recognition

Our journal has a broad international readership and is indexed in prominent scientific databases, increasing the visibility and impact of published research. This exposure facilitates collaboration, encourages citations, and promotes engagement within the scientific community

Regulatory Writing and Ethical Standards

We uphold the highest ethical standards in scientific publishing. Our journal follows the guidelines and best practices established by reputable organizations, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). We prioritize integrity, transparency, and fairness throughout the publication process

Post-Publication Engagement

Our journal fosters active discussions and knowledge exchange among researchers and readers. We encourage readers to engage with published articles through comments, questions, and suggestions, facilitating a vibrant scientific community