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Access to Limited Resources and information

Limited access to databases, journals, drugs, diseases and research literature can hinder their ability to stay up-to-date and extract literature for all the secondary information for their research

Funding and networking constrains

Least connections and collaborations can prove challenging when it comes to sharing thoughts and ideas and also raise difficulties in seeking funds and grants for research projects

Visibility and dissemination

Independent researchers might find it difficult to promote their work and achieve widespread visibility

Peer Review and validation

Might struggle to get their work peer-reviewed and validated by experts in the field or be unable to welcome constructive criticism on their work

Data Storage and Management

Handling and storing large datasets can be challenging without institutional or any other data backup support


Independent researchers might encounter difficulties in getting their work published in reputable journals or might face multiple rejections

Solution We Give

Research and Analytics

Introducing the advanced search tool powered by AI and big data analytics
  • Abstracts, drugs and diseases
  • Advance search option to manage time
  • Find trial sites, collaborators, PIs and many more
  • Time effective, smooth primary data research
  • Perform comparative analysis for analytics
  • Updates on the biomedical conferences
Get access to all the reliable information and analysis with a dedicated platform of Research and Analytics tool


Foster breakthroughs by building networks where scientific minds connect
  • Create a portfolio to connect with like-minded persons
  • Build and expand your professional network
  • Increase visibility and access to various career opportunities
  • Connection for funding and grants
  • Future career opportunities
We ensure an open communication that brings on engagement of people for constant learning with Connect

Study Tool

Managing data with accuracy and integrity
  • Manages time and save every set of information
  • Create customized dynamic CRFs
  • Monitor and compliant with 21 CFR
  • Invite contributors and collaborators on your study
  • Templates initiate study
  • Digitize the paperback information
Every information counts for a meaningful outcome, we customized a platform to capture every set of data with Observational study tool


Discover a Journal that welcomes independent researchers with open arms
  • Publication assistance and guidance at every step
  • Editorial support and less chances of rejection
  • A high impact peer-reviewed Journal
  • Writing assistance followed by guidelines and policies
We make the publication process even easier and quick with Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences  

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