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Resource Constraints

Limited access to literature, medical conferences, and datasets hinders university research success. Restricted resources impede staying updated with advancements, hamper international collaborations, reduce the quality of research output, put off top talent, and limit funding opportunities impacting the institution’s research credibility and reputation

Collaboration and Networking

Without collaboration and networking may lead to limited funding access, reduced interdisciplinary opportunities, restricted facilities, diminished reputation, and missed international exposure

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Without interdisciplinary collaboration, universities may face challenges like limited perspectives, missed opportunities, reduced funding, competitiveness, inadequate solutions, and difficulty in attracting talent, insufficient resources, and many more

Public Perception and Funding

Limited or no funding can hinder the availability of infrastructure to effectively conduct research experiments, support and advance scientific investigations

Data Compilation and Regulatory Writing Standards

Poor data management and compilation or unable to compliance with the regulatory writing standards may lead to certain concerns while publication processes

Publication and Marketing

No publication means no impact. It may affect the University Rankings, grants and funds. As a result diminish the competitiveness, potential accreditation issues and societal impact for long term sustainability

Solution We Give

Research and Analytics

Spend the money on the right set of resources
  • The access to all abstract, drugs, and diseases
  • Map to track the principle investigator and medical centers
  • Locate sponsorships and funding
  • Find the medical centers for trials
With consideration of all research needs, we have developed a Research and Analytics platform to find every aspect of information in timely manner.


Networking by building strong connection and everlasting relationships
  • Ample opportunities
  • Thought leaders
  • Platform to interact with leaders
  • Collaboration and sponsorship
  • Marketing for lead generation
  • Funding and ranking
Nothing last forever but the connections and relationship build on trust, we provide Connect platform to expand the associations and understand the power of long-lasting relations

Study Tool

Digitize the approach and compile with compliance
  • Templates for dynamic CRFs, to collect data electronically.
  • Manage and analyze data
  • Manage multicenter studies with ease
  • Allow to invite for collaboration and role assignment
Do your effortless, traceable, and fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 data management with Observational Study Tool, designed precisely by QuantiNova.


Build a strong profile as a holder of number of publications
  • Publication and Editorial Support
  • Writing Assistance
  • Open access to publications
  • Set of policies and guidelines
  • Least rejection chances
  • Journal Suggestion and Impact factor analysis
Create an impact with every successful publication with the Journal of Neoteric Lifesciences

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