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  1. Create a profile and get visibility into the healthcare industry.
  2. Quickly find and connect ideal candidates
  3. Increase brand awareness and quality engagement with the scientific Community
  4. Conduct studies in collaboration and open new doors to innovations and growth

Build a network for the best research experience in the medical industry

Great online platform for connecting minds and accelerating scientific advancements. Connect is a social networking platform primarily focusing on professional, scientific networking and career development in biomedical research and technology. On QuantiNova Connect, individuals can showcase their work experiences, education, skills, and professional achievements in their scientific research careers. They can also connect with friends, colleagues, and healthcare industry professionals to expand their professional network. Connect allows healthcare experts to leave their research footprint in the science community. Here you can share and discover medical breakthroughs, trends, news, insights, and opportunities to excel in life. Medical Companies and organizations can also create profiles on Connect portal of QuantiNova to showcase their products, services, and job openings. They can use the platform to connect with potential employees, engage with their target audience, and build their brand presence. Connect platform offers various features and tools to facilitate networking and career development. These include job listings, groups and communities focused on specific industries or interests, messaging and networking capabilities, and content-sharing options. Overall, QN Connect serves as a digital platform that unit professionals, facilitates scientific ideology exchange, and team interactions, supports career growth, market and upgrade product manufacturing companies, and professional development in the science world. A specialized social networking tool designed for the science community with various features to facilitate collaboration,  knowledge sharing,   and  networking among scientists

Some of the listed features of Connect

User Profiles

Each user can create a profile with their professional information, research interests, publications, and areas of expertise. It will allow others to find and connect with relevant scientists

Networking and Connections

Users can send connection requests to other scientists, forming professional networks. These connections can be used to exchange ideas, collaborate on research projects, or seek advice

News and Updates

The platform can provide a dedicated section for news and updates related to the scientific community. Users can share and discuss recent discoveries, breakthroughs, conferences, and other relevant events

Discussion Forums

Forums or discussion boards can be created for specific scientific disciplines, where users can ask questions, seek advice, and engage in scientific discussions. It helps foster collaboration and knowledge exchange

Groups and Communities

Users can join or create specialized groups or communities based on specific scientific interests, research areas, or institutions. These groups can have forums, events, and resource-sharing capabilities

Publication/Post Sharing

The tool can allow users to share their scientific publications, preprints, or research findings with the community. Other researchers can provide feedback, cite the work, or collaborate on related projects

Collaboration and sponsorship

The platform can integrate features that enable real-time collaboration, such as document sharing, version control, and commenting. It helps scientists work remotely on research papers, proposals, or data analysis

Event Organization

The tool can include features for organizing and promoting scientific events like conferences, seminars, or workshops. Users can create event pages, invite attendees, and share event-related information

Job Opportunities

The platform can include a job board or a section dedicated to career opportunities in the scientific community. Users can post job openings, seek employment, or find potential candidates for research positions

Resource Sharing

Users can share and discover scientific resources, such as datasets, software tools, protocols, or educational materials. It helps facilitate knowledge transfer and access to valuable research tools

Notifications and Updates

The tool can provide notifications and updates on activities within the user’s network, such as new connections, publications by colleagues, or upcoming events in their field of interest

Expertise Search

Users can search for experts in specific scientific domains based on keywords, people, jobs, research interests, companies, publications and many more. This feature helps identify potential collaborators or find experts to consult on specific topics

Research Publication

Connect every aspect of research and networking

  • A user-friendly platform for discovering opportunities based on interests
  • Proactive, supportive team to ensure publication review and editing
  • Interconnect the different medical fields to stay on top of healthcare trends