Competition and Innovation

The industry is highly competitive, with multiple companies competing in developing similar therapies. It might be difficult to distinguish out and retain a unique value proposition in this competitive landscape. To stay ahead, it is also critical to stimulate continual innovation

Study Trial Design and Execution

Designing and conducting clinical trials that generate reliable and meaningful data can be challenging to manage. Here are some of the major concerns of patient recruitment, trial protocols, and endpoints that can also impact the success of a trial. Failures in clinical trials can lead to setbacks and resource wastage

Collaboration and Partnerships

Successful drug development often requires collaboration between various disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and medicine, engineering, and data science. Facilitating effective communication and collaboration among experts from different fields can be a challenge

R&D cost and funding

Developing new drugs and therapies is an expensive and time-consuming process. Research and development (R&D) costs can be substantial, and it often takes many years for a new drug to progress from discovery to market

Hiring talented workforce and Retention

To work in R&D or in a drug manufacturing plant, the talent workforce is very critical to hire and retain. People bring in the productivity that is sometimes hard to find in a responsible position

Solution We Give

Research and Analytics

AI-driven tool that collates information from scientific papers
  • Recent med-tech advancements
  • International medical conferences
  • Reliable source of information
  • Custom comparative analysis
  • Trial sites, collaborators, sponsors and PIs
  • Smooth primary data research
Refined search tool that allow you the access to specific information in few clicks with Research and Analytics Tool


Build the industrial profile as a leading product on technology and innovation
  • Connect with thought leaders
  • Build a strong research profile
  • Raise reputation in the market with effective marketing
  • Boost your professional network
  • Grow businesses by connecting to the like-minded people
  • Build network to seek funding, collaborations and sponsors
  • Post opportunities and hire a strong workforce force
Join the platform for connections within the scientific community with our Connect networking tool

Study Tool

A secure application to collate study data on a central server
  • Collecting and managing data
  • Customized digital CRFs
  • Invite collaborators and contributors to the study
  • Managing Multi-centric observational studies
  • Compliance to 21 CFR part 11hosted on STPI
  • Start on sample template to custom your study
We precisely crafted an Observational Study tool for designing and the compilation of observational studies


Your gateway for cutting-edge insights in biomedical breakthroughs
  • Publication guidance and assistance
  • High-impact peer-reviewed Journal
  • Writing Assistance
  • Least chances of rejection
  • Standard guideline and policies
  • Editorial Support
  • Open access to published literatures
The journey to a successful publication is never easy until the right tool comes into existence, explore a high impact Journal of Neoteric Life Sciences

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