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About Us

Conducting high-quality experimentation and meaningful research, a dream of many academics and doctors is difficult. Even upon completion of the research getting it published as an academic research paper in a journal of repute is another challenge. Apart from expertise in one’s field of knowledge, it involves a high proficiency in statistical analysis to interpret the data. This demands intellectual experience and the availability of a lot of time and energy. Availability of time and finding resource persons is a challenge for a practicing doctor. Similarly, for a student researcher, lack of experience and difficulty connecting with the Principal investigator are the hurdles

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Our vision is to be a holistic solution for every research & researcher through the innovation lifecycle

To provide scientific researchers a single-point software solution that connects all in a Research Ecosystem by supporting them with desired tools and resources required to initiate, conduct medical research, and finally, prepare a scholarly Research paper publications; to provide an opportunity to the core QuantiNova team to innovate and interact with the global research fraternity that they are proud of